Characterized by exceptional aesthetic value and physical properties such as its low water absorption, high strength, and superb resistance to chemical agents, Miraton has distinguished itself a highly versatile and aesthetic building material, quickly gaining popularity among professional architects

Why is Miraton superior

Excellent Physical and Chemical Properties : Its high density composition makes it resistant to shocks, abrasion, and chemical agents, so it is an ideal flooring material for hotels, airports, department stores, office buildings, subway with a lot of passersby. And especially a wide spectrum of colors and patterns add texture to any space to create a special atmosphere.

A Multipurpose Building Material : Miraton displays excellent aesthetic beauty as well as serves as an ideal material for floors and interior wall cladding. Miraton is also a superb choice for system kitchen tops, table tops, and vanity tops.

Superior in Strength
: Miraton's excellent resistance to compression and flexion forces enable it ti withstand greater loads than natural stone, allowing thinner boards to take the place of relatively thicker natural stone boards